Bring your curiosity.


Problems I can help with

Perfectionism & Procrastination

Tackle present-day procrastination, and meet, understand, and gently resolve the root causes of your perfectionism.


Effectively lower anxiety in the moment, and overcome anxiety patterns in the long-term.

Family / Parenting

Get relief from family-related overwhelm, resolve underlying fears, and unlock new possibilities for you and your family.

Adeline has an intuitive intelligence. She truly listens, and knows where to guide you.

Adeline Chang

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner
Forest Walker, Sea Swimmer
Hello, fellow human.

My name is Adeline. Welcome!

It’s a pleasure to have you here. I made this simple website as a way to answer common questions I get about EFT, share about the work I do, and offer some free resources to those it might benefit. The latter is a work-in-progress!

At a time when I felt I was drowning in my own unmet expectations, EFT gave me an effective way to soothe myself and to reconnect with my body and emotions without getting overwhelmed. Over time, I have gone deep into unpacking some strong, fearful beliefs, and felt them become less and less real.

EFT has helped my practice as a counsellor, and continues to support me to regain my confidence and sense of empowerment.

I’m overjoyed that I get to share this wonderful modality with people. I hope this website helps you in some way. You are loved!

Free 20 min call

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